Winterizing Your Home

Dated: November 2 2018

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Now that Halloween is behind us, it's time to go full throttle and get ready for the dreaded "W" word. Yes...Winter. It's coming. Shorter days, and colder nights means one thing around the Albany area. Do I dare say it out loud?  SNOW...

Maybe Mother Nature will be easy on us this year and bless us with a warmer winter. But, since we never know what's coming - we need to prepare ourselves in some way. One of those ways in which we need to prepare is by making sure your home is ready to face the howling winds, freezing temperatures and heavy snow.

For new homeowners  - this is something that is important and will become part of your yearly routine. For seasoned homeowners - this list is always a good refresher.

  1. Check the exterior  - While this might seem obvious - it is actually an important step. Walk around your home and look for cracks in the siding or peeling paint. Check the condition of the doors and windowsills. Check the roof for missing or broken shingles. Fix problems while the days are still relatively warm. After a rainstorm, walk around the house and look for any signs that water might not be draining properly.  The objective is to get as much of the water away from your house as possible.

  2. Get friendly with your gutters - Cleaning your gutters and downspouts is very critical. Gutters direct water away from your roof and siding. Clogged gutters can  can cause leaks in your roof and lead to ice jams in colder weather.

  3. Put the garden to bed - By November, you may not be thinking much about your spring and summer flowers. But - now is the time to give the a little extra love.  Prune your shrubs and hedges, and cut foliage away from the house. If you have a vegetable garden, pull out all the plants and rake the soil.

  4. Put the patio to bed - Store your patio furniture somewhere dry. Take the time to put the outdoor pillows in plastic so that animals can't use them as their "beds." Empty all of your flower pots and store them in the shed or garage so they won't crack in cold temperatures. Drain the hose and store it also. Shut down the sprinkler system and give the patio a good "sweep" so it's clean and ready to welcome the snow.

  5. Have your furnace checked and change the filter. It's always good to have your furnace checked around September to make sure everything is working properly. Your furnace works hard for a solid 6 months. It's important to give it a little love and maintenance and make sure it's in working order. You wouldn't want it to suddenly stop working when it's 10 degrees outside. Get it checked to make sure there aren't any red flags.

Taking the time to properly prepare your home for winter will give you peace of mind. While you are warm inside listening to the winter winds whip around your home - you will be glad you took the extra steps to ensure your home is properly prepared to withstand the harsh winter weather.


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